NRL Announces New Conspiracy Theory Round In An Effort To Draw A Crowd


With crowds due to be allowed back to Rugba league games the NRL has announced that it will be launching a new ‘conspiracy theory’ round in an effort to drew fans to actually attend the game.

”When the Government said that we could let the people back into the games we thought you beauty but, then we remembered that we don’t actually draw a crowd,” said an NRL Insider. ”So, we picked up the papers and saw that a couple of weeks ago that an anti-vax/anti-5G rally drew a crowd in Sydney so we thought you beaut let’s get on the bandwagon.”

”I mean we already have the anti-vax community firmly behind the Gold Coast Titans, here’s hoping the anti-5g mob can embrace a team like the Roosters,”

When asked whether giving fringe groups a broader audience was wise, the NRL Spokesperson said: ”No one will pay any attention to this, we’ll show a few shots of the crown maybe interview Bryce Cartwright and his wife but that’s about it.”

”I mean let’s be honest if a mobile phone company wants to sponsor the league we ain’t saying no.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off talk to the supermarket to buy enough tin foil to make hats for between 5 to 10,000 people.”

Mark Williamson

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