Sky News Shocked To Learn That Low Ratings Aren’t Caused By Cancel Culture

Niche news network Sky News Australia has conducted a forensic analysis of their ratings and the results indicated that their ridiculously low ratings were a result of putting out a crappy product rather than cancel culture.

”This came as a shock,” said a company Spokesperson. ”I mean we thought a team of Bolt, Murray, Credlin and Morgan would be ratings winners.’

”Boy did we get that wrong.”

When asked given their diabolically low ratings whether the station needed to change course and go back to reporting news rather than starting culture wars, the Spokesperson said: ”Where’s the fun in that?”

”Our network takes pride in the crap we put out, like the upcoming ABC hit piece that old mate Chris Kenny knocked up.”

”We have high hopes for this, it might even get more than 10 viewers.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and rifle through Annabel Crabb’s bins. I heard she may have thrown out a plastic bottle instead of recycling it.”

Mark Williamson


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4 replies

  1. One would learn more about politics in Australia watching the Bugs Bunny Show.


  2. Bunch of narsasists


  3. Pathetic attempt at Fake News – The Un Australian? Good name for this Dripple!!!!!


    • hey Rich,
      obviously Sky is your source of choice but spelling is not your strong point,
      is that common among your like minded viewers or just “drivel”
      Also, not so much “fake” as irony.


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