Desperate Bombing Addict Convinced This Time They’ll Win The Middle East For Sure

A bombing addict is again carrying out air strikes in Iraq in a desperate bid to win a stable Middle East favourable to their interests, despite the fact their frequent wars on the country have all failed disastrously.

“They are totally convinced that this time they’ll pull it off and finally win the Middle East,” a source close to hopeless addict America told The (Un)Australian on condition of anonymity. “Just like last time — which nearly ruined them.

“It is so sad to see. I mean what number of wars on Iraq is this in the past 30 years now? I’ve lost count.

“And this time they’re bombing Syria too? And why? To deal the consequences of the last time they bombed the Middle East! It is a classic addicts move, get in to trouble and spiral further into addiction to cope.

“And it’s getting worse. It is not even just the Middle East any more. They’ve been bombing Afghanistan for years and a couple of years back, they even tried bombing Libya. It just made everything worse, like always.”

The source said they feared the latest war could spiral from a bombing binge into another full-scale ground war, and totally bankrupt America once and for all.

But the source said getting America help was impossible “so long as they keep hanging out with enablers like Britain and Australia. They aren’t real friends, they just want an excuse to go bombing themselves.”

Author: Carlo Sands

Categories: News, Politics, World

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