Hundreds of ABC Staff To Be Efficiency Dividended


More than 400 staff are to be “efficiency dividended”, ABC managing director Mark Scott announced today, as part of implemented the federal government’s imposed $254 million efficiency dividends on the national broadcaster over five years.

The news came after finance minister Mathias Cormann insisted the government was not breaking its electoral promise to ensure no funding cuts to the ABC and SBS, on grounds the removal of funding “were not cuts” but “efficiency dividends”.

Cormann repeated his argument today, telling The (un)Australian, insisting that “the hundreds of jobs to be efficiently dividended” were “absolutely not job cuts”.

When pressed on whether he was speaking euphemistically in a bid to justify not just breaking a promise but gutting a major public institutions and destroying hundreds of people’s livelihoods, an angry Cormann called an immediate end to the interview, saying he was running late for hair efficiency dividend appointment, after and had to get to the butchers before it closed to pick up some veal efficiency dividendlets for dinner.

In other news, ABC staff were heard walking out of the meeting with Scott threatening to efficiently dividend Cormann’s throat if they ever met him in a dark alleyway.


Carlo Sands

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