New Millionaire Darren Wilson Proves ‘American Dream’ Alive And Well

darren wilson

It is has been said the much-vaunted “American Dream” is dead, but one man’s heart-warming “rags-to-riches” tale says otherwise — that in the Land of the Free, you can still “make it” if you are willing to work hard, think big and shoot an unarmed Black teenager at least six times in the back as they flee from you in terror.

You might think the recent rise of 28-year-old Darren Wilson, of Ferguson, Missouri, from the lowly rank of police officer to millionaire was down to luck, or even the institutionised racism that allows systemic violence to be carried out by unaccountable state forces.

But Wilson, who earned $500,000 from donations from supporters and $500,000 for an interview with ABC News, says otherwise.

“I worked hard every day for this,” he told The (un)Australian in an exclusive interview for an undisclosed sum. “Every day, I was out there on the streets, looking out for my chance to make it.”

“And when my moment came, as I watched Mike Brown turn and flee, I knew all that hard work was about to pay off. As I fired shot-after-shot into Brown, I thought: ‘This is still the land of opportunity. God Bless America.’”

To those who say he hadn’t truly earned his new-found wealth, Wilson said: “Well, take the ABC interview. It might sound like money for nothing, but I had to have the foresight and boldness of vision to say ‘yes’ to the five hundred grand they offered me.

“Then I had to spend 45 minutes pretending an unarmed black teenager posed some sort of serious threat to an armed police officer. That’s actually a lot harder than it sounds.”

Wilson, who spent recent months on a paid holiday, has announced he will retire from the police force with his new-found wealth. He is yet to announce future plans, but said he’d probably join a racist vigilante force part-time to allow him to keep doing the work he loves in his own time.


Carlo Sands

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