Star Wars: The Force Awakens… Some Bigots.

black storm trooper

The hotly anticipated trailer for the next installment in the popular cinema series Star Wars was released last weekend amid a flurry of wild speculation and racism; something that rarely happens on the internet.

Fans of the iconic franchise began dissecting every detail of the 91-second teaser straight after its release. Debate has since raged about various aspects of the images, including the new design of the light sabre.

However the most controversial part of the trailer happens in the first five seconds, according to local bigot and all round tremendous human being Jamon Chiders.

“HE BLACK!” yelled Chiders, before adding “HE BLACK! HE BLACK! HE BLACK!”, which while true, is not necessarily important to normally functioning human beings. Then of course the next image featured what maybe a female Jedi riding a speeder.

“SHE GIRL!” yelled Chiders “SHE GIRL! SHE GIRL! SHE GIRL!”

Chiders is not alone in holding these objections to the appearance in the trailer of people with different coloured skin or people with different genitals. Message boards all over the internet have been inundated with intellectual discussions about why this shouldn’t be happening.

The (un)Australian has learned that the leading cause of people holding these views, is that they are jerks.

Ryan Crawford

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