Abbott Dismisses Verbal Gymnastics As Simply An ‘Obfuscation Surplus’

Abbott Poster

The Prime Minister Tony Abbott has refuted claims his confusing word choices are a game of verbal gymnastics, claiming he is simply employing an “obfuscation surplus”. He said alternate claims made by media and the Labor party had a complete “veracity deficit”.

“I’m never one to shy away from calling a square faced digging utensil a square faced digging utensil.” said Mr Abbott. “I’m also not surprised that the opposition didn’t recognise an obfuscation surplus when it was staring them in the face, it’s been 24 years since they were responsible for a surplus of any kind.” 

The Liberal Party has been under fire for many controversial budget measures, not least the decision to cut funding to the ABC despite election promises indicating otherwise. The Prime Minister was unrepentant in his claims that it wasn’t breaking a campaign promise. “They are totally different things, the ABC has been given a modest efficiency dividend, not a budget cut. Just like our Budget Repair Levy is very different to Labor’s carbon tax. I mean it’s like comparing round sweet citrus fruit and oranges”.

Alex White

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