Andrew Bolt To Present Carols By Candlelight


Journalist and broadcaster Andrew Bolt will host the 2014 Vision Australia Carols by Candlelight on Christmas Eve.

In a statement announcing who would be the host, Vision Australia justified the decision by saying that “as the gift that keeps on giving, Andrew personifies the spirit of Christmas in a way nobody else quite can.”

“I’m obviously delighted by the decision, not just because of what it means for me but what it means for conservative presenters generally,” said Bolt. “Who knows, maybe now, just maybe we might also get to see a conservative presenter on Media Watch or Lateline – assuming there still is a Lateline.”

In recent years Carols has been presented by Today Show duo Lisa Wilkinson and Karl Stefanovic, but after a recent string of terse interviews with conservative politicians, concerns were raised about their ability to detach their personal politics from their work.

“Lisa and Karl are lovely people but this is an inclusive event, Christmas is for all Australians, not just those who agree with your politics” said the executive producer of Carols, Darren Mittelhauser. “With Andrew you know you’re going to get a professional performance, he demonstrates his professionalism each week on the Bolt Report when he constantly invites progressives like Mark Latham, Michael Costa and Paul Howes on as guests.”

The announcement caps of a stellar year for Bolt in which nobody has sued him for racial vilification and in which  his current affairs program, The Bolt Report, attained such levels of popularity that it now appears poised to relocate to Sky.


Nathan Lentern

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