Collingwood FC: Casual Racism Leads To Profits

eddie macguire

Collingwood Football Club are set to report strong profits after a year marred by racial controversy.

“We’re feeling about as big as King Kong after this result” said a jubilant Eddy McGuire. “If it wasn’t for this nations casual approach to racism it’s safe to say we might have to sell off one of our key slav… I mean players”

Several other companies have since attempted to follow suit  with Woolworths and Coles attempted to cash in on the “casual racism” market with  their “love it or leave it” shirts.  Unfortunately this attempt seemed too formal for a discerning, casually racist Australian public.

Marketing and advertising guru Joan Mittelhauser told The (un) Australian “It just goes to show if your racism is expressed on the radio it bears profits but, print it on a T-shirt and you’re in for trouble.”


Brendan Kalley


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