Tony Abbott Thrilled Shirtfront Is Named Word Of The Year

Abbott Poster

The Abbott Government is celebrating a rare victory today after shirtfront was named word of the year by the National Dictionary Centre. Abbott used the word prior to the G20 when he was asked how he would greet Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The win by shirtfront was seen as a win for the government on two fronts: firstly it meant someone was actually listening to the Prime Minister and secondly it beat out the word “liar”, which was tipped to get the award.

A Liberal Party spokesperson excitedly told The (un) Australian: “This is a great day for the government. When we first got wind that a word associated with the prime minister was getting the award, we felt for sure it would be liar, then when it was shirtfront we partied like it was 1996.”

Upon hearing the news in Russia, President Putin sent his congratulation s to “Tony Ablett” and the Australian peoples and hoped this win would console Mr Ablett over not getting the people to pay $7 to see a doctor.

 Mark Williamson

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