Murdoch Promises Retaliation After Stock Analysts Mock News Corp Profit


Rupert Murdoch has condemned a Wall Street publication for daring to insult his companies diminishing profits.

The News Corp CEO was highly critical of a Goldman Sachs report that contained an image of News Corp gross profits falling by 30% over the past decade. He said it’s highly offensive to show the companies profit in such a derogatory light.

 “We will not stand by as our sacred News Corp profit is defiled in such a way.” said Mr Murdoch. “Corrupt western morals that allow such slander are also to blame for illegal activities like file sharing and copyright theft. These behaviours continue to do great damage to Newscorp values, primarily on the Nasdaq.”

Murdoch is not shy from expressing his strongly conservative views on digital media. He caused controversy recently by claiming that online news articles are too revealing to the public. He has called for all news articles to be concealed behind a “paywall”, with the general public only able to see a small portion the article at the top. It would only be revealed in full to those who purchase rights to the article.

Alex White


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