Sports Journalists Astounded To Discover That Women Menstruate


Sports journalists across the world have been flabbergasted to uncover the shocking truth – female athletes menstruate. The shocking news broke out when English tennis player Heather Watson blamed her first-round loss in the Australian Open on her match coinciding with her menstrual cycle.

In a tournament marked by an interviewer asking Canadian champion Eugenie Bouchard to “twirl” after a dominating Centre court win, the news that women have periods left commentators flummoxed.

Women’s health expert Stan Newman, who has extensively researched women’s health and sexuality, said: “We have been conducting controlled trials to determine what effect the menstrual cycle have on women’s bodies.

“Our ground-breaking research has groups of men observing women at various stages of their cycles and giving their opinions on what is going on physically and emotionally.”

It is anticipated that Newman’s research may shed a new light on this hitherto taboo subject and that in the future, the menstrual cycle may become a recognised and accepted part of human life now that men have noticed it.

Beatrice Lacey

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