For One Moment, Google+ Dared To Dream. Then Facebook Came Back Online.


As panic spread around the world on Tuesday with social media giant Facebook going down globally for about 40 minutes, it’s much-maligned competitor Google+ found itself beginning to dream that, maybe, it’s time to shine had finally arrived.

“At first, I was just pissed off everyone was talking about Facebook again,” the social network site created and owned by Google told The (un)Australian. “But, after about half-an-hour, as I watched the #facebookdown Twitter feed, the social media mood shifted from fear to people starting to wonder what else they might do with their lives in a post-Facebook world.

“That’s when it struck me. This could be my moment! Finally, people would start to use me, they’d start tentatively at first, unsure of my strange ways before realising that Google+ Circles feature really is the smartest way to control your social media message and that the +1 button is just a more sophisticated version of Facebook’s rather crude ‘like’ function!

“With no Facebook in my way, I could finally achieve my life’s dream of being a social media platform used by someone not actually in the IT industry!

“Then Facebook came back online, and I crashed back down to the harsh reality that, even with Facebook out of the way, more people joked about ‘going back to MySpace’ than even bothered logging in to me.”

Google+’s latest Facebook post, “Oh great. We’re all back here again now are we? I hope you’re all happy”, received more “likes” than all of last month’s Google+ posts combined.

Carlo Sands

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