Peta Credlin Suggests Rupert Murdoch Should Do His “Patriotic Duty” And Go Bake Himself An Apple Pie


The prime minister’s chief of staff Peta Credlin has responded to naturalised American Rupert Murdoch’s tweet that she should do her “patriotic duty” and resign by tweeting that he should go bake an apple pie and start gathering his fireworks for the 4th of July.

“I’m surprised he’s not too busy drinking Budweisers, wearing loud shirts and being utterly clueless about world geography”, tweeted Credlin under the hashtag #wankerdoodledandy. “The last time I looked at the coat of arms on my passport it had an emu and a kangaroo on it. His has some kind of weird ass eagle holding a branch and a bunch of arrows in its claws.”

“It’s not as if we listen with baited breath to every word that passes from Rupert’s mouth and quiver in fear in case he sics his newspapers onto us”, said a senior Liberal Party official who didn’t want to be named. “And besides we all think Peta’s doing a brilliant job. Somehow she’s managed to get a complete cheese-stick like Tony Abbott into the PM’s job and kept him there for more than two years. Hats off to her.”

Rupert Murdoch was unavailable for comment and is unlikely to have his say in the controversy as he has no access at all to any media outlets.

Peter Green

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