Who You Gonna Catcall? Ghostbusters!


Ghostbusters stands tall as one of the most classic comedies of all time. As a franchise it is continuing to break ground with the announcement that the movie is being rebooted with an all-female cast. A move that has annoyed idiots everywhere.

The long mooted addition to the Ghostbusters franchise has been through several incarnations. After Harold Ramis, who played the iconic Egon in the original films, sadly passed on, many felt that the production may have stalled indefinitely. That proved to be an underestimation of Hollywood’s strong commitment to producing reboots, sequels or anything else that completely lacks originality.

Astonishingly some risk taking occurred with Ghostbusters when director Paul Feig was attached to direct the blockbuster and seemingly given free reign to completely re-imagine it with a crew of female supernatural eliminators.

Sexist morons on the internet have decried the move stating that, “The original ghostbusters were men! Is nothing sacred?” This led some observers to suggest that perhaps these idiots believe the original film to be some sort of sacred religious document.

Others decried the move with the argument, and while barely functioning as a human being, that, “It’s supposed to be a comedy, girls aren’t funny,” despite clearly not having spoken to an actual girl in decades.

It’s been a big year for films and television outraging sexist, homophobic, racist buttholes. Star Wars: The Force Awakens drew ire when the teaser trailer appeared to show that a big nasty black man was cast as a stormtrooper. Boo!

Similarly, discussion that the next Bond might be black had people declaring that not sticking with the far more comfortable image of a white hero was almost an admission that white people weren’t better than black people… even though the caveat was consistently provided that “they weren’t racists”.

At this rate, if Hollywood keep casting women and non-white people, some of these guys won’t have anything to believe in anymore.

Ryan Crawford


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