Man Claims Credit For Abbott’s Woes, Citing Critical Tweets


Bradley McKenny, a 31-year-old IT consultant from Marrickville, has taken credit for growing speculation that Tony Abbott’s days as prime minister may be numbered, citing his persistent campaign of tweets critiquing Abbott’s policies and performance in the Lodge.

“It is really satisfying to know you are making a difference,” McKenny told The (un)Australian of the growing talk of a leadership challenge. “I’ve been at Abbott on Twitter since well before he became PM, writing clear concise rebuttals of each absurd argument all with links providing evidence to prove Abbott’s regressive social agenda and fundamental dishonesty.”

But McKenny is the first to admit it hadn’t always been easy. “There were hard moments, for sure. After voters put Abbott in the Lodge, I felt deep despair. I’d run a constant campaign for months exposing Liberal lies, all with the #auspol hashtag, and he still won!

“Hell, I nearly emigrated to New Zealand! I had to ask myself: could I actually live in a country where so many people ignored my tweets?”

McKenny is glad that his hard work is finally paying off. “I could tell my campaign was gaining traction around the May budget, when my systematic posting of evidence of the damaging effects a co-payment on the future of universal access to the public healthcare system began getting more and more retweets.

“Then my joke comparing the Lib’s broadband policy to a donkey pulling a cart was retweeted 31 times, including by at least one Labor MP, and I knew the tide was turning.”

McKenny, who spent hours developing a gif in which Campbell Newman’s face merged into Abbott’s ahead of Queensland’s elections, says when Newman lost his own seat of Ashgrove, he realised his day had come. But McKenny does not intend to rest on his laurels.

“Abbott may well be finished, but I warn whoever replaces him that, unless there’s a clear change of direction in this nation, I am willing to escalate into a campaign of Facebook memes! Do not test me!”

Carlo Sands

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