Wellington Won’t Bottom for LNP

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Sunshine Coast Independent Member of Parliament, the Duke of Wellington, has decided to support the Queensland Labor Party in their bid to form another dysfunctional state government.

“It was a difficult decision,” he said from his castle. “But I feared I may suffer the same fate as the Duke of Edinburgh if I were to support the LNP. I can’t be a knight. I don’t have a horse.”

The outcome of last weekend’s Queensland election is still unknown after counting results show that half the state’s voters can’t stand the other half. It appears then that any future state government will be a hung one. How hung, no one knows.

That decision now rests with the two remaining Kitty Katt members of parliament. They have expressed concern about Labor forming government.

“I just feel the LNP is better hung than Labor,” said Kitty Katt Jnr from his horse. “But we can’t make a decision yet until we meet with each side. As you know, it’s not always size that matters.”

Queensland Labor Leader Annastacia Whatsherface has dismissed the Kitty Katt concerns as nonsense. “I am very well hung. Just ask my husband.”

Counting continues.

John Cahill

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