Unrecognisable Uma Thurman Probably Rene Zellweger

uma thurmann

Rene Zellweger arrived for the premier of The Slap on Monday, and was completely unrecognisable from her previous public appearance where she was unrecognisable, but this time she looked a bit like an unrecognisable Uma Thurman.

She called herself Uma, but we’re pretty sure it was Zellweger.

Zellweger has yet again become the focus of Hollywood insider gossip with many speculating that she is wearing less make up, gone under the knife or is somehow inhabiting the body of Uma Thurman who is either wearing less make up or gone under the knife.

What everybody agrees beyond a shadow of a doubt, however, is that her talent as an actress is not the least bit important.

Hollywood insider Trent Brentington told the (un)Australian, “She looks different, it’s an exciting scandal, a woman looks different, my god, her body is changing somehow… over time, I don’t know how to explain it.”

We contacted Uma Thurman to comment on Zellweger’s new look but her agent said she was at the premier of The Slap. Thurman must have been that bloke that looked like Zachary Quinto.

Ryan Crawford

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