Greyhound Buses Deny Claims Of Live Baiting


Popular Bus and Coach company Greyhound Australia has strongly denied allegations that they “live baited” their buses in order to increase performance following a report earlier this week from ABC current affairs program 4 Corners.

The (un)Australian reached out to the Greyhound bus company for comment and was met with a confused spokesperson who told us: “The 4 Corners report was about Greyhound racing, we are a bus company, you do know the difference, don’t you?”

Pressing further, we asked them to answer the allegations of live baiting, to which they replied: “It’s not possible to live bait a bus, buses are machines, have you actually watched the 4 Corners report?”

At this point the spokesperson walked away muttering something about idiots in the press, we are not sure if this is code for live baiting however we will keep you updated on this developing story.

Mark Williamson

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