Fred Nile Named International Hater Of The Year


‘It’s nice to see my efforts are being rewarded.’

The International Society for Hate and Intolerance (ISFHAI), based in Dubai has today announced that Australian politician, minister and attention seeker Fred Nile has been awarded the title of International Hater of the Year for 2015, narrowly tipping out last year’s winner ISIS.

A spokesperson from the ISFHAI told The (un)Australian about the Society’s excitement at finally granting the award to an Australian,  saying: “Australia has come close over the year. John Howard was runner up a couple of times, poor fellow we thought he had it with the Tampa until Osama Bin Laden pulled a couple of planes out of his hat, and Pauline Hanson almost won but was disqualified when we realised she wasn’t a hater, just stupid. So for Fred to win is a real boon to Australian hate.”

Nile was happy to hear the good news, noting: “It’s nice to see my efforts rewarded. It’s been a very trying year, I mean when it didn’t rain on the Mardi Gras on Saturday I thought that maybe my God had forsaken me,. Then I was handed an award and more importantly a photo opportunity and I thought the Lord giveth.”

When asked what is the key to being a successful hater, Nile replied: “Take the bible. There’s a lot of positive messages in there, Jesus forgives, accepts and loves for instance. Basically just ignore all that and look for examples of God smiting people.”

Fred Nile joins a list of previous International Hater of the Year winners that includes Osama Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler, the Unabomber and Betty White, to name a few.

Mark Williamson

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