Increasing Storms In Teacups Not A Result of Climate Change


The government have been making more and more frequent references to extreme weather events localised to delicate crockery. These so-called storms in teacups are, according to the government, in no way related to climate change which totally doesn’t exist.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt told The (un)Australian: “The increasing frequency of the teacup storms are clearly a result of Canberra insider barometric pressure and not any sort global weather phenomenon. If you ask me the whole thing is just a tsunami in a coffee pot.”

Asked if the government was planning on changing its position on climate change or renewable energy targets in the near future, Hunt replied: “Climate change is just a storm in a teacup, but we are considering a National Crockery Insurance Scheme or NCIS.”

According to Hunt other notable teacup storms of recent times include:

  • Leadership spill speculation teacup storm
  • Deaths in detention teacup storm
  • Queensland election teacup storm
  • Cyclone Marcia.

The (un)Australian approached the bureau of meteorology for comment, but they’re scientists who make stuff up to create taxes so we didn’t try very hard.

Ryan Crawford

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