Pete Evans Pens Book So Babies Can Be Annoying Tools Too


Celebrity Chef and Paleo, the diet that doesn’t allow grains but is full of nuts, enthusiast Pete Evans has penned a new cookbook aimed at new mums and babies titled Bubba Yum Yum that he hopes will help raise a new generation of fussy eating tools.

Speaking to The (un)Australian over a dehydrated quinoa, kale, the juice of a peruvian lime and okra infused tea at a trendy inner city cafe, Evans told of us of his hopes about the new book, saying: “I really want to grab the next generation of babychino drinking youngsters and convert them to the way of the paleo diet following tool. I mean kids are amazingly fussy eaters, like a paleo diet follower, so we can enhance that natural pickiness and add a dash of pretentiousness and we will have a great next generation.”

The book does have its critics, with nutritionists claiming the diet is not safe for newborns or young children as it deprives them of vital nutrients. Anyone who has ever had to listen to a paleo diet follower talk about their diet is also dreading it’s release.

However, Evans is not fazed by the criticism, saying: “Haters are going to hate, juicers are going to juice, almonds are going to activate, if people don’t like the diet then they can throw the book away or juice it, as the book tastes a lot better than any of its recipes.”

Bubba Yum Yum will be released exclusively through the courts as evidence in the case of everybody vs Paleo diet followers.

Mark Williamson

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