Abbott Declares Solar Eclipse Further Evidence Of Unreliable Renewables


Relying on the sun proves ‘hit and miss’.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has continued to show support for the coal industry, declaring yet again that sources of renewable energy can’t be relied upon, particularly in light of “that eclipse thing” that just occurred in Europe.

In Northern Europe, solar panels were unable to collect energy from the sun as it was blocked by the moon passing in between the mystical bright thing and the centre of the universe, the Earth.

Abbott continues to be frustrated by the blocking of the dismantling of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation by feral crossbench senators.

“It’s ridiculous that the ferals are listening to scientific advice, economic advice and public opinion,” said Abbott.

“It’s clear now that the sun can’t be relied upon to provide energy, this eclipse just came out of nowhere.

“The European’s were lucky it only lasted a little while, and we should not be pressing ahead with any sort of system that could be so hit and miss.

“I mean who knows when the next one will occur, or indeed, how long it will last.

“And all of this on top of we still don’t know where it goes at night.”

The (un)Australian approached the government science advisor for comment but the Pope never returned the call.

Ryan Crawford

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