NSW Labor Spends 1% Of Time On Policy, 99% Of Time Looking For Images Of Mike Baird Sneering


A reasonably sneery photo found by NSW Labor.

Campaign workers for the NSW Labor Party have successfully trawled the internet to download every existing photograph of Mike Baird with a sneery face.

“We’ve worked tirelessly on behalf of the people of NSW to ensure that no picture that makes Mike Baird look a bit sneery has slipped through our fingers”, said NSW Labor chief Google Images searcher Arnold Feather. “We have a special computer program with an algorithm that detects any jpegs of Mr Baird with a sneery face. It’s basically the same program that we used in the 2007 federal election to find every image of Peter Costello with a smirk on his dial.”

As many as 50 volunteers have been seconded to the sneer finding team, leaving no-one dedicated to formulating policy.

“Oh that doesn’t matter”, said ALP policy researcher Deborah Mashed-Potato. “We’ll just bang on about more money for education, hospitals and um… all the usual shit we promise. There you go, job done.”

Peter Green

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