Ricky Muir Denies Senate Crossbench Is Feral: ‘No One’s Even Thrown Any Roo Poo’

'Feral?' I'll show you feral.'

‘Feral?’ I’ll show you feral.’

Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party (AMEP) Senator Ricky Muir has today mocked Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s labelling of the Senate crossbench as “feral”, saying: “In my entire time here, not a single Senator has thrown any kangaroo shit at all!

“Seriously mate, Abbott thinks this is feral?  We just sit here and consider legislation on its merits. If the PM wants feral, he should grab a slab of VB and bottle of Jim Beam and get to the next AMEP national conference. It makes a Bathurst 1000 crowd look like an Australian Democrats seminar on Tibet in a vegan cafe.

“Get back to me when there’s been a few burn outs and at least one speaker gets mooned.”

Former rugby league star and fellow crossbench senator Glenn Lazarus agreed, adding: “Obviously Tony’s never been on a Mad Monday celebration. No one’s got their cock out, I am yet to see a single stripper and there’s been no sexual assaults at all. This is just lame.”

Carlo Sands

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