Steve Waugh Bitterly Disappointed About World Cup Snub

'The next World Cup is just four years away,' a disappointed Steve Waugh said.

‘The next World Cup is just four years away,’ a disappointed Steve Waugh said.

Steve Waugh, former Australian captain and brother of Channel 10 media personality Mark Waugh, spoke to The (un)Australian today about his anger at being snubbed by the Australian cricket team’s selectors.

Steve, who retired from cricket 11 years ago at the age of 38, received a call from Australian Coach Darren “Boof” Lehmann recently and, instead of listening to the voicemail, packed his kit and headed to the cricket ground. Lehmann, however, was just calling Steve to invite him to speak to the team, not join it.

Said Lehmann: “I thought Steve would be a great person to talk to the team, as he was cool under pressure and had experience winning World Cups. I honestly didn’t mean to upset him, I mean he’s 49 and hasn’t played for a decade, why on earth did he think we’d pick him to play?”

A dejected Steve Waugh took a break from writing his new book about his experience at this year’s World Cup to tell The (un)Australian of his feelings of rejection: “Look, I’ll take this on the chin and won’t give up. I mean the next World cup is only four years away and by then Clarkey and Boof will most likely be gone and they’ll be begging me to make a comeback. Or failing that maybe I could get a guernsey for England, I think my Nan was English.”

Waugh is not the only former cricketer to misinterpret approaches from the Australian team with former spinner Shane Warne getting his wires crossed when he got a text from Boof asking if he wanted in on some group action.

Lehmann meant helping out with training, which left Warne shocked after he rocked up to the nets nude, carrying a camera and a six-litre bottle of baby oil.

The World Cup final will be played at the MCG, Steve Waugh will be there with his kit ready in case someone pulls out and Warney can be seen daily on Tinder.

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