Newspapers Despair That Mike Baird Might Actually Lose

Mike Baird appearing alongside Andrew Bolt in a commercial for The Daily Telegraph

Mike Baird appearing with Andrew Bolt in a Daily Telegraph ad.

NSW Premier Mike Baird has taken time out from campaigning ahead of Saturday’s NSW State Election to sit down with the Sydney Morning Herald and The Daily Telegraph to talk to them about the very real chance that he might actually lose the election — provide the papers with comfort, support and a shoulder to cry on.

Both papers have delivered glowing editorials to the Baird Government and were seemingly in disbelief when polls suggested late last week that Premier Baird’s government might actually lose.

The Sydney Morning Herald’s approach to the negative poll’s was to cover it’s ears whilst conducting it’s own poll as The Daily Telegraph grabbed their crayons and coloured Opposition leader Luke Foley in green.

The Premier talked to The (un)Australian about his concern for the two papers, saying: “We’d all like to win every time we compete, but the reality is sometimes we lose and the two papers are struggling to grasp that concept. So you know, we’ll stay with them, talk with them and comfort them, and we may even find a little money in the budget to buy them a small gift, if they’re good.”

The NSW State Election will be held Saturday with polls suggesting a close race. Should Mike Baird lose, expect him to appear as a columnist in one of the papers and for Opposition leader Luke Foley to appear as fodder for the paper’s other columnists.

Mark Williamson


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