The (Un)Australian’s Tea Lady Sacked Over Derogatory Anzac Comments


The (un)Australian has this week parted ways with their tea lady Beryl Jenkins, after 86-year-old Beryl made derogatory comments to fellow employees about the Anzac biscuits she was forced to serve at The (un)Australian’s weekly staff meeting prior to Anzac Day.

Beryl described the Anzac’s as ‘overrated’ ‘soft’ and ‘inferior’ to the ‘Turkish… Delights.’

A writer for the (un)Australian, who wished to remain anonymous however let’s just call him Monte Carlo, said of Beryl’s Anzac attacks: “It was pretty difficult to swallow, I mean Anzac biscuits are tough at the best of times, however Beryl didn’t put any stevia in my herbal tea so when she started bagging the Anzacs I almost choked on my tea and biscuits.”

Beryl, who was marched off the premises by security, will not be out of work long as she’s just been hired by SBS to be their new soccer reporter.

Mark Wiliamson

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