Pippa Middleton’s Bum Visits Royal Baby


Pippa Middleton’s bum has paid a visit to its niece, the new royal baby born over the weekend to Will and Kate, in a move that has excited royal watchers who camped outside the hospital for weeks as they awaited the royal delivery.

When Prince George was born, Pippa Middleton’s bum did not visit him at the hospital, instead waiting until he headed home, so the bum’s haste to visit the young princess at the hospital has left royal watchers (all 10 of them) intrigued.

Said long term royal watcher Margaret Smythe-Hemingway Jones nee Smith, “I was amazed to see Pippa Middleton’s bum in the flesh, last time I saw it was through a set of binoculars as I perched on a roof, 300 metres away from the royal wedding.”

“You know I think it is fantastic,” continued Smythe-Hemingway Jones nee Smith, “That the young Princess will have a wonderful role model like Pippa Middleton’s bottom to not only look up to but also aspire to be like. After all as second in line to the throne and a girl, she can either look good or like her great Aunt Anne get into horses.”

Women’s magazines from around the world are already in a bidding war to buy Pippa Middleton’s bum’s story.

Mark Williamson


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