Glenn McGrath Stops Shooting………Blanks

Former Australian Cricketer and avid hunter Glenn ‘Pigeon’ McGrath  announced earlier this week that he has stopped shooting … blanks as he and his wife are expecting a child.

The child was thought not possible as McGrath had previously undergone a vasectomy. However, a Pakistani surgeon who specialises in reverse swinging vasectomies was successful in reversing McGrath’s, allowing him use of a new ball.

The (un)Australian spoke to  Mr McGrath shortly after the procedure. He spoke excitedly about his expected new delivery, saying, “I thought, after the   vasectomy, that two kids was it for me. However, with the new wife, I felt something was missing.”

“To deal with this, I tried shooting stuff, but that didn’t fill the void. So, I got the vasectomy reversed. As we can see, it works! I’m now happy to not be shooting blanks and have no need to kill stuff, as I’m a real man.”

McGrath hoped that his story would inspire others to be real men, to stop shooting innocent animals and instead satisfy their loved ones. In particular, McGrath plans to reach out to the NSW Shooters and Fishers Party, who he feels are nothing more than a bunch of insecure men, who take out their frustrations on vulnerable wildlife.

Mark Williamson


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