The Phrase ‘I’m Not Racist, But’ To Be Recognised In The Constitution


‘Today is a great day for Bolt and Australia, well part of it anyway.

Conservative commentators have successfully lobbied the federal Government to amend the constitution to recognise the phrase, “I’m not racist but.”

It has been a hard fought battle for the right, with some commentators such as Andrew Bolt taking the fight to the courts whilst others have lobbied politicians. It was seen as a win for bigots and racists everywhere when Attorney-General George Brandis defended the rights of bigots to be bigots, but this proposition failed to pass parliament.

A spokesperson for Bolt spoke the The (un)Australian about the recognition, saying: “Andrew has fought hard towards recognition for racists in the constitution, he has dedicated many a column towards the subject, so today is a great day for him and Australia, well part of it anyway.”

It is not yet known whether the phrase, “I’m not racist but,” will be in the constitutional preamble or in the documents body. There is talk of Australian’s having to pledge allegiance to the country and it is possible the phrase, “I’m not racist but,” could be in that pledge.

The contentious proposition will be put to a referendum later this year.

Mark Williamson

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