Every Small Shop In Australia Now A Thai Massage Place.

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With the closure of Revesby takeaway chicken shop Clucky Country, the Australian Chamber of Commerce has confirmed that every small shop in the country is now devoted to supplying Thai massages.

“I though that there might be enough of a market to sustain about half a dozen Thai massage places in Australia, but people just can’t seem to get enough of them,” said ACOC president Danny Nipkins.

“It seems the market is huge for a service that is more respectable than a rub-and-tug joint, but not respectable enough to warrant any actual medical training.”

“I saw a market niche that wasn’t being catered to and based my business plan upon that,” said Alvin Phommavanh, who has taken over the lease of 144 Robertson Road from Clucky Country.

“That niche being someone walking through Revesby who may not need a Thai massage whilst walking past the Thai massage place at 140 Robertson Road, and not needing one again whilst walking past the Thai massage place at 142 Robertson Road, but who may feel the need for one when he reaches 144 Robertson Road.

“The beauty of this plan is that it works for people walking in both directions.”

The opening of a new Thai massage place was greeted with enthusiasm by most residents of Revesby, especially those involved in the business of importing small gold statues of elephants and beaded door curtains.

Peter Green

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