Government Responds To Bronwyn Bishop Outrage By Banning Memes


Prime Minister Tony Abbott has responded to the growing outrage surrounding Speaker Bronwyn Bishop charging the Australian public for a helicopter ride to Geelong by announcing a government investigation into online satire combined with the immediate banning of memes.

Mr Abbott spoke to The (un)Australian about the ban, saying: “Look, I think it is time that as a government we looked into this, I mean we are hearing the outrage and feel that it is wrong what Bronwyn, I mean what people are doing to Bronwyn with these awful memes.”

“We as a government feel that the only people that should be mocking us is us. I mean, come on, how do you top us trying to pass off Bronwyn Bishop as an impartial Speaker? That’s funnier than any old helicopter meme you can come up with.”

A spokesperson for Labor leader Bill Shorten told The (un)Australian: “With Bill scheduled to appear at the Royal Commission again, and ABC’s The Killing Season due to be repeated, a banning of memes is welcomed by the Opposition.”

The banning of memes will come into effect when parliament returns from the winter break, which allows the News Corp press three more months of photo-shopping Bill Shorten as different characters from the TV show Hogan’s Heroes.

Mark Williamson

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