Greece To Hold Olympics Every Year To Pay Off Debt


Greece’s finance minister revealed several new measures overnight to stop the country from sliding into bankruptcy and to keep it inside Eurozone. The new measures include holding the Olympics on a yearly basis, with Greece selling the franchise at least once per year to different countries.

Olympic chief Savrov Papadopilious has also announced several changes to the standard Olympics, this including the introduction of Celebrity Olympics, Celebrity Chef Olympics, All-Star Olympics, Viewers Favorites Olympics, Ordinary People Cooking In Their Own House Olympics, Ordinary People Who Open A Restaurant Olympics and Ordinary People Trying their Hand At Renovation Olympics.

The new fundraising measures also include SMS voting for most popular competitor and auctioning off spots onto random Olympic teams for amateurs. Other ideas being considered include The Biggest Loser Olympics, Drug Cheats Olympics, Funniest Home Video Olympics and Something To Do With Singing And Simon Cowell Olympics.

The Olympic Committee is also looking into adding new events to the summer and winter games, including shark punching, selfies, the Rubiks cube, spelling competitions, darts, horse racing, beer sculling, UFC and WWE. It is expected the new Olympic schedule will work around the traditional Olympics all-ready awarded to Rio and Tokyo.

When asked how the new schedule will fit into the Commonwealth games schedule, Mr Papadopilious said: “The what…?”

Gus W Templeton

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