‘Tony Abbott’ Character Revealed As Joaquin Phoenix’s Latest Hoax


Actor Joaquin Phoenix has admitted that the bumbling Aussie prime minister “Tony Abbott” is a character he has been filming on the sly as the subject of the long awaited follow up to his 2010 mockumentary “I’m Still Here”, to be entitled “Why Are You Still Here?”

“If you thought I was stoked about fooling the movie press with my dazed, hip hop artist character in the first movie than you can imagine how happy I am about fooling an entire country”, said a vague Phoenix as he undid the struts that widen his ears for the role. “I can’t believe people actually thought that the character as a real guy”.

Doubts were raised when “Tony Abbott” ate an entire raw onion, skin and all but it wasn’t until he agreed in Parliament that the Dyson Hayden affair was a fundraiser and wasn’t a fundraiser in the same breath that the coin finally dropped.

“Joaquin has been deeply embedded inside the Australian political system for the past fifteen years seeing how far he could push the envelop with this whole Tony Abbott thing”, said director Casey Affleck. “We just assumed we’d be run out of the country inside the first week, but it seems Australians love playing along with a joke. Either that or the whole country is as thick as pig shit.”

“Why Are You Still Here?” is due to be released in December. It will be competing at the box office with Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film, “Putin: Make Wrestle With Tiger And Invade Ukraine For Glory Of Russia” with the Borat star playing “Vladimir Putin”, a bogus Russian president.

Peter Green


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