Australians Encouraged To Spend A Minute Gambling In Honour Of The Diggers


Calls are being made to encourage every Australian to take a moment out of their day to spend a minute of their pay cheques gambling at their local RSL in honour of the nation’s fallen soldiers.

The call, from the Association of Pokie Machine Enthusiasts, was also backed by state treasurers.

Bruce Turbett, a member of the West Wyatta RSL club and a former army reservist spoke to The (un)Australian about the call to arms,  saying: “It’s the least we could do our soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice and all we need to do is put a couple of coins in a machine in their honour, and heck you might even win a bob or two, now you wouldn’t have $10 I could borrow just to see me through to next pension day?”

Comment was sought from Clubs NSW, however as it was Armistice day they were busy and seemed offended when asked whether the pokie machines would be silenced for a minute on the day.

Mark Williamson

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