ISIS Terror The Reason We Can’t Help Victims Of ISIS Terror, World’s Racists Say

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The clear response to the terror attacks claimed by ISIS in Paris that killed at least 129 people, the world’s racists said in a statement today, is for the West to stop helping the victims of ISIS terror.

The World Association of Racists statement said that, despite cowardly Western government’s hamstrung by political correctness, the logic of their position was obvious: “To take a clear stand against the murderous crimes of ISIS, it is absolutely necessary to close the borders of all Western nations to those fleeing ISIS’s murderous crimes as it is simple common sense that the people most likely to carry out fresh ISIS terror are those fleeing ISIS terror.”

Speaking to The (un)Australian, Australian WAR representative and renowned global security analyst Pauline Hanson expanded on the danger: “One thing clear from the scale of the Paris terror attacks is they were carefully planned and coordinated, implying a high degree of sophistication and resources. These weren’t just some lone amateurs.

“So it makes sense to assume that, with all their resources and capabilities, these terrorists will choose the simplest, most efficient way of entering nations such as France, which is to pretend to be Syrian refugees and pay large amounts of money to people smugglers to make the dangerous and often deadly journey in overcrowded boats to Greece, where they join tens of thousands of others crammed into camps in an austerity devastated nation without the resources to cope and without knowing when, if ever, they might secure resettlement, perhaps deciding to join other desperate people in defying riot police and tear gas in long marches into Hungary, where they will face an equally dire and uncertain future but might, if they are part of a lucky minority, eventually get resettled somewhere else in Europe.

“There is simply no more logical path for a well-resourced terror outfit to take and this is why the West has no choice but to close its borders to Muslim refugees.”

Asked why, if ISIS terrorists could pretend to be Muslim refugees fleeing persecution, they wouldn’t also be able to pretend to be Christian terrorists fleeing persecution, Ms Hanson stared blankly for a minute, then said: “Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.”

Carlo Sands

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