West Indies Selectors Proclaim Slump “Over” After Batting Out First Two Days Of Test

Windies Celebrate

The Chairman of the West Indies Selection Committee Clive Lloyd has proclaimed the dawn of a second golden age of West Indies cricket after the side batted the first two days of the Sydney test to completion for a loss of just seven wickets. Lloyd, who was the West Indies captain for much of its first golden era in the 1970s told journalists that he had just witnessed the most dominant batting performance in nearly a decade.

“I was captain of the West Indies for 74 tests and we never once batted two days for just 7 wickets. This is a remarkable achievement.” Lloyd went on to slam those who had spoken of the death of West Indies cricket, citing his sides “dominant performance” as evidence that the claims were “fanciful.”

Lloyd, whose contract is up for renewal at the end of 2016 concluded his remarks by saying that the selection decisions of the board had been vindicated and should be persevered with going forward into the future. But fellow selector and candidate for the position of chairman, Courtney Walsh, was more circumspect.

“Obviously these past two days have been good for us but there are still three days left in the test. In recent years that’s been the length of a full test with the West Indies so at this stage I think celebrations are premature.”

Nathan Lentern


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