Jamie Briggs Bitterly Disappointed At Losing Ministry In Charge Of Partying Down

jamie briggs

Former Government Minister and newly minted backbencher Jamie Briggs is bitterly disappointed over his recent demotion, as it means he is no longer the Government’s Minister for Partying Down —  the role he has fulfilled since the Liberals returned to government in 2013.

A Liberal party told The (un)Australian: “Jamie is absolutely gutted. I mean, he has been our leader in charge of partying down from the beginning, always there for the good times and the bad. The night Tone lost the Prime Ministership, Jamie was the first one on the table dancing.”

When contacted for comment on who will take Briggs’ place as the Minister for Partying Down, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was noncommittal, saying: “There’s never been a more exciting time to be the Minister for Partying Down, stay tuned.”

Sources in Canberra have Philip Ruddock as favourite to take on the Ministry, saying, an experienced hand is needed. However, some say Christopher Pyne is not to be written off, as he is a ‘Fixer’ after all.

Mark Williamson

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