West Wing Fans Appoint Themselves Experts On American Politics

Jed Barlett

Poorly informed white collar workers right around the country have been treating their colleagues to their enormous insights into American politics gleaned from numerous West Wing marathons over the past decade. As the American Presidential Primaries finally kicked off yesterday after 170 weeks of background campaigning, devoted fans of the NBC drama are embracing their colleagues passing interest in American politics.

Alan Walker, a receptionist from Melbourne, told colleagues earlier today that he didn’t believe that Trump would be too worried about not winning Iowa as “The eventual nominee hardly ever wins Iowa.” He bases this on the fact that no fictional presidential nominee from The West Wing ever won the Iowa caucus. “I mean for heaven’s sake, Bob Russell won Iowa,” scoffed Robertson in an allusion to the lacklustre fictional democratic Presidential candidate from the program’s sixth season.

According to a survey of 100 Australian West Wing fans, the most popular elements from the show that are being projected onto the real life election include “Rand Paul can win 50 states”, “Biden’s going to nominate from the convention floor” and “Let Hillary be Hillary.”

Colleagues of these would be political experts quickly come to regret expressing an interest in the outcome of the Iowa primary as their co-worker bores them into a stupor.

Nathan Lentern

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