Australians Stunned To Learn Jarryd Hayne Not Playing In The Super Bowl


Australians were shocked to learn today that their favourite son Jarryd Hayne, who left the country to chase his dream in America, would not be playing in this year’s Super Bowl.

David Johnson, an avid reader of The Daily Telegraph and all round self-confessed sports guy, spoke to The (un)Australian about Hayne’s Super Bowl non-appearance, saying: “Mate those yanks are dreaming, Jarryd is dominating over there why isn’t he in the big game?”

When it was pointed out that Hayne’s team, the San Francisco 49ers, had not qualified for the Super Bowl, he replied: “But the game’s being played in San francisco and I read in all the papers about how well he is doing, you mean I chucked a sickie from work to watch a game that goes for four hours and I won’t get to see an Aussie dominate? Oh man.”

There is no word yet on where Hayne will be watching the Super Bowl, however there is talk he has been offered a big money deal to watch the game for the next few years in Bondi Junction.

Mark Williamson

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