Alan Jones Threatens To Keep Broadcasting If People Don’t Stop Listening To Him


Radio broadcaster and failed former politician Alan Jones has issued a clear threat that he will continue to keep broadcasting if the general public don’t stop listening to him.

This is the second threat Mr Jones has made in a week after threatening to attack any Liberal Party member who challenges sitting member for Hughes, Craig Kelly, for pre-selection.

A radio industry insider spoke to The (un)Australian about Mr Jones’ recent spate of threats, saying: “Good old Alan realises he is no longer relevant and knows that a few threats here and there will get him a bit of attention. I mean the papers print it, and the 15 or so 90 year olds who still read papers suddenly realise that their old mate Alan is still on and he gets a ratings boost, sad really.”

Mr Jones was contacted by The (un)Australian about his threat to keep on broadcasting, but he declined comment and instead spoke about the great mobile phone reception he receives from Optus.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was unavailable for comment, however former Prime Minister Tony Abbott did talk of his plans to knight Alan Jones when he next becomes Prime Minister.

Mark Williamson

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