Giggling Mike Baird Approves Use Of Medical Marijuana


Mike Baird seemed to be in high spirits as he stumbled out of the basement of parliament house brushing the air frantically around him with both hands to announce that a trial of medical cannabis will be starting in NSW.

“We’ll be conducting a study of the benefits of cannabis use for the treatment of severe childhood epilepsy, relieving the side effects of chemotherapy and congenital bummed outness,” said a grinning Premier at a press conference conducted at the Cheesecake Shop. “The only side effect we’ll have to worry about is how to escape THE BATS.”

Mr Baird then dived behind a beanbag chair and cowered for several minutes.

The media were invited to join the Premier and Minister for Health Research Pru Goward in the basement where they intended to conduct some more research by watching the Wizard Of Oz whilst listening to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon.

Peter Green

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