Shane Warne Mini-Series Only Viewable On Mobile Phones

Warne Beer

The new mini-series on the life of legendaryAustralian leg spinner Shane Warne will be the first TV show to only be available on mobile phones.

“The mobile phone has been Shane’s medium of choice for ordering pizza, sending late night messages of encouragement to female fans and for taking sneaky selfies of the top of his head to make sure his hair is still in place,” said Warne’s manager Gerald Flipper. “No money will need to be exchanged to access the series. Simply texting Shane a boob shot or directions to the nearest pie shop will unlock an episode.”

“I’m kind of disappointed that the actors I had in mind to play me are all dead,” said Warne as he underwent surgery to repair a strained muscle in the middle finger of his right hand, an injury unrelated to cricket. “I’m looking for someone with the right combination of John Candy, Yul Brynner and Rob Lowe. Come to think of it, Rob Lowe’s still kicking around isn’t he? Excellent. And he owns his own camera gear. Bingo!”

The second mini-series to be an all mobile phone affair is expected to be about the life of New Zealand actor Russell Crowe. The series will be distributed by throwing phones at random hotel desk clerks.

Peter Green

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