Majority Of Australians Should Be ‘Available As Food Source’, Says Peter Singer


Renowned Australian ethicist and vegan, Professor Peter Singer has declared it morally acceptable to eat the majority of Australian voters.

Speaking from his office at Princeton University, the famed utilitarian philosopher, author of Animal Liberation and 27 other books, weighed into the immigration debate with his surprise assessment.

Singer, who’s views dictate the consumption habits of tens of thousands of Australian vegans, vegetarians and pescetarians, has previously delineated what species can be eaten based on his strict moral assessment of what animals can and cannot suffer.

Singer’s new edict stems from his assessment of what characterises a “moral patient” worthy of ethical regard: rationality, autonomy, and self-consciouness. “A simple majority of Australians,” he obverves, “now fail this test, making their bodies available for use for consumption by the remainder who display these core attributides of personhood.”

Speaking to The (Un)Australian, Singer pointed to evidence collected in recent weeks about the low regard and lack of emphathy shown to asylum seekers and members of the Muslim faith by half of the Australian population, the growing support for policies associated with Pauline Hanson and the far right, and the tendency for many Australians to live in bad faith.

“Sentience can be seen behaviourally in the way sentient beings exhibit signs of empathy for others of their genome,” the Professor remarked. “Even simple creatures we consider having moral regard are able to display the basic self-recognition.

“And yet, in Australia, we have Andrew Bolt on the ABC saying he’s opposed to racism.”

Peter Faulkner

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