Wyatt Roy Spends Gap Year Backpacking Through Iraq

Headquarters of the No Tonys Allowed club.

Ex MP Wyatt Roy has been criticised by his former colleagues for spending his gap year backpacking through Iraq.

“I’ve already got myself a bit of work picking dates on a date farm and with Iraq not having a backpacker tax I’ve got myself a big wad of cash to spend on the next part of my adventure,” said the former Liberal member for Longman as he thumbed through his Lonely Planet guide looking for the best bars in Mosul. “I’ve met these cool Kurdish soldiers who taught me how to shoot at ISIL guys and how to shave.”
“We expected Wyatt to pop up as a summer camp counsellor in the states or at the running of the bulls in Pamplona but not this,” said concerned Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. “The sooner he gets to London and starts his Contiki tour the better. Sure he’s just as likely to get his arse shot off but at least it won’t cause a diplomatic incident and I won’t have to fly over there and pretend to be concerned about his welfare.”
Roy has been keeping himself amused in Iraq with a white water rafting trip down the Euphrates, a tandem parachute jump over Fallujah and hiring a slogan covered tank from Wicked to go campertanking through the Islamic State with a bunch of Dutch guys.


“Tomorrow I’m hoping to go swimming with the dolphins in the Persian Gulf,” said an excited Roy in a live Facebook post. “I’m still haven’t decided what job I want to get when this year is over. I’ve narrowed it down to astronaut or fireman.”


Peter Green

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