Senator Roberts Calls On The Senate To Debate If The Moon Is Made Out Of Cheese


One Nation Senator and tin foil hat aficionado Malcolm Roberts has today put forward that the Senate set aside time to debate whether or not the Moon is in fact made out of cheese. He has also proposed to look at the ramifications of Moon ownership should it turn out that the cheese the Moon is made of is in fact Swiss cheese.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Mr Roberts explained his sudden interest in the moon, saying: “There is no empirical evidence to support that the moon is not made out of cheese, I mean other than Mr Squiggle no one has actually been to the moon. I mean that Buzz Aldrin character carries on like he went there but I’ve found out through my extensive research that they faked the moon landing, filmed it in a Hollywood backlot.”

When told of Senator Roberts claims over the moon landing American Astronaut Buzz Aldrin said: “I’m more than happy to have a discussion with this Roberts fellow, I just need to know whether this will be a sanctioned or bare knuckle discussion.”

The Senate will discuss the Moon’s composition on Wednesday, whether Senator Lee Rhiannon is a watermelon on Thursday and Friday the Senators will have a quiet day of colouring and finger painting.

Mark Williamson

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7 replies

  1. No wonder I call them the fish n chips party


  2. Don’t be absurd. Everyone knows the moon had to be replaced with a hologram after NASA towed it away.

    Noted rocket scientist Bob (That’s me) has been on record as saying that the universe contains no spherical objects, and the science on that hasn’t hardly changed in three hundred years.

    If you don’t believe him, ask the stars. Wot are actually angels. I heard this from someone who heard this from someone reading the bible backward while high on shrooms.

    The truth that the reptoids don’t want you to know is the fact that space is a grilled cheese sandwich, and Nibiru is the frying pan. And only I have the book on what side to set the salad fork.

    $99.95 plus postage and handling.

    You will thank me when everyone else is cooked.


  3. No doubt if the debate favors the notion the moon is made of cheese, Politicians will be among the first to rat the resource or find some way of possessing the moonshine for personal benefit.


  4. I take offence that my tax dollars are going towards his salary


  5. Ok, it worries me that this is plausible enough that it leaves me unsure whether this is truth or satire :/


    • Certainly truth about One Nation insights on Governance and Government but sadly a satirical description of what the Senate might choose to review as a benefit for the electorates of Australia.


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