Could He Be Worse Than Feared? Some Are Suggesting Donald Trump May Have Even Voted For Donald Trump


He is the President-elect who ran a bigoted campaign and has caused shock waves by appointing racists, climate deniers and assorted right-wing hardliners in his new administration.

But some say there is evidence that Donald Trump could be even more dangerous than feared, with suggestions he may have even voted for the KKK-endorsed, self-confessed sexual abuser Donald Trump in the recent presidential elections.

Political analyst Frank Gotitwrong told The (un)Australian: “Obviously, with a secret ballot, it is not possible to know how an individual voted, but there is quite strong circumstantial evidence to suggest that the new President-elect did in fact vote for Donald Trump.

“For a start, our research has shown that, not only did Donald Trump attend all the campaign rallies covered by our study, but he even spoke at each one. I mean, we’re talking about a 100% hit rate of the Donald Trump campaign rallies we looked at being addressed by Donald Trump.

“Now OK, that is not really a good look for the President-elect of the world’s most powerful nation to be addressing what some compared to Nazi-like carnivals of hate, but a positive spin might be that the new President-elect was there to seek to be a voice of reason at Donald Trump rallies.

“But here again, our research suggests that, in fact, some of the most inflammatory and even disturbing things said at Donald Trump rallies in the recent campaign were in fact said by Donald Trump. It seems the President-elect is a man happy to hang out with individuals with such disturbing views as Donald Trump, which must be of concern to many around the world.”

“I am not usually one for conspiracy theories,” Sydney University politics professor Kate Nutter added, “but there is more than enough deeply worrying ‘coincidences’ here to be asking further questions.

“Don’t forget, this is the man who will soon enjoy widespread powers, including access to nuclear weapons, so I think it is it is legitimate to ask whether he in fact was willing to cast a vote for someone as deranged as himself.”

Carlo Sands

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