Peter Dutton Pitches TV Show ‘Deport The Habibs’


Immigration Minister and aspiring TV writer Peter Dutton has met today with the Channel 9 network to pitch a show he’s been working on titled, Deport the Habibs.

Speaking to The (un)Australian the Immigration Minister discussed the show, saying: “Deport the Habibs will be a romantic comedy about a plucky Immigration Minister who goes back in time to save the country from the scourge that is Australia’s Immigration policies of the 1970’s. It is the feel good story that Australia has been waiting for, right up there with Red Dog or Wolf Creek.”

When asked why the move into TV Production the Minister replied: “I’m being agile and innovative, already my department Border force has produced the popular TV show Airport Security and we confiscated a heap of video cameras from detainees on Manus Island so we thought we’d put them to good use.”

Channel 9 has approved the series and has already begun casting, with the Habibs set to be played by Lachy Hulme and the Immigration Minister to be played by Mr Potato Head.

Mark Williamson

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