Mel Gibson To Direct New Romcom Schindler’s List 2



Following the success of his movie Hacksaw Ridge, Mel Gibson was offered his choice of Hollywood movies to direct. Today, he announced that he will follow his heart and opt for his passion project – a romantic comedy titled Schindler’s List 2.

Speaking to The (un)Australian, Mel Gibson explained his choice, saying: “Listen up Sugar Tits! I could’ve had any movie I wanted – Suicide Squad 2, Passion of the Christ 2 … or Lethal Weapon 22! But, I know what women want! They want romance, adventure and to give me a blow job in a hot tub.”

When asked whether he was worried about the backlash from anti-semitic comments attributed to him in the past coming back to haunt him, Gibson replied: “Look, they knew I was joking right? I mean, I made The Passion of the Christ! I should be a God to these people! Wait – I was crucified and I have made a comeback … maybe I am Jesus?!”

At this point Gibson donned a robe and sandals and walked across Water (Water being the name of the cafe in which the interview took place).

Mark Williamson

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